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Dr’s Amy and Streiter VanQuaethem

Dr. Amy VanQuaethem, DC graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in March of 1999. Dr. Amy became excited about chiropractic as a college student when it was instrumental in curing her asthma. Having such a dramatic experience with chiropractic care prompted her to switch from a pre-med program to a chiropractic one. She enjoys traveling, snorkeling, reading and spending time with her daughter, Laney.

Dr. Streiter VanQuaethem, DC graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in June of 2000. He is from a family of chiropractors. Not only is his father a chiropractor, but both of his siblings, his brother-in-law and his aunt are also chiropractors! Dr. Streiter enjoys skiing, traveling, Seahawks games and spending time with his daughter, Laney.

about us

Old School Chiropractic has 2 convenient locations. On Maui, in Napili Plaza, and on Lana’ at Lana’i Kina’ole. We are grateful to serve our community which includes Lahaina, Kaanapali, Honokowai, Kahana, Napili and Kapalua. Alternating Tuesdays, we are available on Lana’i. With an emphasis on caring for families, the practices are ran by Dr.’s Streiter and Amy VanQuaethem, DC.

We believe that true health comes from a body that is able to function at 100% with no interference to the nervous system. Interference, known as subluxations, may be caused by three types of stress. The first is physical, as with a fall, accident, injury, or repetitive stress. The second type of stress is emotional. Think about the last time you were really stressed and you may remember also feeling sick or sore. Chemical stress is the third type of stress that leads to subluxation and includes things like caffeine, nicotine, medications, drugs, etc. By removing subluxations with specific spinal adjustments, chiropractors are able to help your body and immune system continue to work the way it should (and it helps make pain go away).

We are here to provide excellent care for you and your family.

frequently asked questions

What do Chiropractors do?

Chiropractors are trained to ensure your nervous system is free of spinal nerve interference. They believe in whole body wellness. Wellness is a state of health where your body is free of spinal nerve interference, allowing you to enjoy life. Chiropractors discover nerve interference within the spinal column using examinations and then with specific chiropractic adjustments, correct them. Your body is then free to heal itself and function at an optimal level. Chiropractors, also, help you achieve a higher quality of life with advice on posture, stretches and exercises, diet, attitude and sleep.

What are Subluxations?

The body depends on the free flow of nerve communication from the brain, through the spinal column, to every part of the body. When any of these nerves become interfered with, the vital communication system is interrupted. These neurological interruptions are called subluxations.

What causes Subluxations?

With children, subluxations often occur during the birth process. All of the pulling, pushing and twisting on the newborn’s neck and spine during the birth process often cause one or more vertebra to be pushed out of place, resulting in subluxations. As we grow up, subluxations are caused daily by falls, sports activities, accidents/injuries, bad posture, physical and emotional stress and many other things. By having a chiropractor correct these subluxations throughout your childhood and the rest of your life, your family can achieve an improved quality of life.

frequently asked questions continued

What are some warning signs of Subluxations?

Subluxations can cause pain and muscle spasms. However, most of the time, you will not experience any symptoms. Often symptoms such as headaches, back pain, stiffness, pain or numbness and tingling in the extremities and various other symptoms may be signs of subluxation.

What does it feel like to get adjusted? Does it hurt?

No. Chiropractic adjustments feel great! Chiropractic patients are very comfortable and relaxed with getting adjusted. An adjustment should not be painful, although you may feel a slight stretch in the muscles. Overall, when you allow the vertebra in spine to return to their normal position, there is less stress and tension on your muscles and ligaments. Adjustments are performed by hand and our doctors utilize the Gonstead, Diversified and Drop Table techniques common with most traditional chiropractors.

Is Chiropractic care safe?

Yes. Chiropractic care is definitely one of the safest types of health care. Without the use of drugs or surgery, chiropractors utilize a conservative approach when correcting vertebral subluxations. One just needs to compare the malpractice premiums paid by chiropractors to that paid by medical doctors. Chiropractors premiums are approximately 1/20 the price of the premiums medical doctors pay.

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Can Chiropractic help me?

Chiropractic care is beneficial to every man, woman and child that has a spine. Understanding the brain and spinal cord make up your nervous system, one can understand that chiropractic care works by restoring balance to the body giving it a better chance to heal itself. Everyone needs proper nerve function. Chiropractic care provides your body with a greater potential to defend itself against germs and infection. You and your family should be checked regularly for spinal nerve interference.

There are some common complaints you may be experiencing that chiropractic care may help with. These symptoms include, but are not limited to: back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines, numbness and tingling in the extremities, pregnancy discomfort, sciatica or leg pain, bulging or herniated discs, difficulty sleeping, vertigo, colic, chronic ear infections, athletic injuries, auto accident injuries, work injuries, and more!

Is there availability for emergency care after hours?

Yes. Dr. VanQuaethem, D.C. or an associate is available for Chiropractic emergencies the majority of the time. To access care simply call our cell number at (808) 280-3696 for after hours Chiropractic emergencies.


Hi Dr. Amy,

Attached are the x-rays taken of Sammy, the one of the left is one taken on 1/4/12 and the one on the right was taken about a year prior. Dr Ono said that his curvature has lessened since the last x-ray in 2011, Hooraay!!!And we attribute this to you, Thank you sooo much!! ~Sam d

My husband & I have been under the care of Vanquaethem Chiropractic since back in 2000 and couldn’t be happier that they finally decided to return to Maui earlier this year.

We couldn’t be happier with our chiropractic care and now that we have little ones (2yr & 4yr), our whole family enjoys the benefits of healthy spines thanks to Dr. Amy’s loving and knowledgeable care.

Aside from effectively treating my headaches and my husbands frequent back pain, our whole families immune systems have greatly improved under Dr. Amy’s regular care. The kids very rarely catch what’s going around at preschool and in turn our whole family gets to enjoy a healthier life. Also, my 4yr old daughter had suffered from multiple middle ear infections beginning at 19mons, and ever since she has been under Dr. Amy’s care she has been virtually free of her middle ear problems.

We obviously LOVE everything Vanquaethem Chiropractic does for us and can’t say enough to express just how great they are!!! – Becky s

Dr. Amy VanQuaethem is amazing! I started going to her after an automobile accident nearly 8 years ago and since then have recommended nearly every person I meet to see her. Many of my friends and family, including my daughter since she was one week old, have found relief and better overall health by seeing Dr. Amy.

Originally I was a skeptic of chiropractic but after the accident was willing to try most anything. She was so warm and not pushy about me making an appointment which is what convinced me to see her. I still felt quite uncertain until I started noticing that not only was I feeling better with my MVA injuries but I also wasn’t getting sick as often and headaches I had suffered from for years were going away. I started to realize that her adjustments might be doing more for me than I had set out for. It didn’t take too long and I was hooked! Never in my life have I felt healthier than when receiving chiropractic care! – Mary

For the last eight years I have had problems with my hips and legs. I was in constant pain and limped regularly. To do normal everyday things came to be a challenge. I really thought that surgery might be the only answer. When I started seeing Dr. Amy five months ago, she figured out that it was an old back injury that was causing all the problems and not my legs or hips, like I thought. After only a few adjustments and suggestions to do things differently, I saw a huge improvement. I am now walking with NO PAIN and I am no longer limping! Dr. Amy is a great asset to Lanai and I am so greatful that she makes the journey twice a week from Maui.

Mahalo nui Loa, Sarah C.

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